Twizzit Help Center
Groups settings

Use the groups settings to add extra information about your groups:

  • Link a group to a subtype
  • Enter Meeting time for the team
  • to Activate the team. Teams will be visible on the website etc.
  • Activate team page. If you activate a team page, every team member has access to this team.


How can I change my groups settings?

  • Open the group
  • Click on Show settings
  • Modify the settings
  • Click Save
  • Click an the Show Settings button to close the settings.
Set a Meeting Time

The meeting time is the number of minutes a group member has to be present before an event/training or game starts. 


  • Starting time of the event is 10 p.m.
  • Group members should be present 30 minutes in advance, so meeting time is 30 minutes


Activate/desactivate a group

If you activate a group: 

  • The group will appear on the website (if you use the groups widget on your website)
  • The group can be linked to events/trainings/games and venues

How can I activate a group:

  • Open the groups module
  • Click on the group you want to activate/desactivate
  • Click Show Settings
  • Check/Uncheck the Active box