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About the groups module

The groups module is used to compose groups within your club and to optimize the communication between group members.

There are two types of groups:

  • Teams: a group of playing members
  • Committees: a group of people that is working (volunteering) within your club  f.e. board members, ..


Create a team if the composistion of your group is related to a season. In a team you can:

  • Activate a Team page; this is an online platform where team members can send messages, upload pictures and videos, manage their absences to trainings and games and a lot more.
  • Create a training schedule or game schedule for the team. 


Create a committee if the composition of this groups is not related to a season and can be placed in your club structure. In a committee you can:

  • Activate a working space for committe members can communicate and send messages.
  • Committee members can schedules meetings, plan events, upload working files etc.