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About My Team

The My Team is used by teams to communicate and to take care of their team administration.

Within your team page you can send messages, keep track of attendances, see their team agenda, add team pictures and videos and much more.

The Admin user of a club can compose teams or give access to a team manager to add team members


Add team picture
  • Click on the Edit button  in the right corner of the picture 
  • Click Upload Image and select a picture (JPEG file only!)
  • Crop the image if necessary


Add a players slogan
  • Click on the Edit button  in the description box
  • Enter a slogan/desciption for this player
  • Click Save


Add someone to a team
  • Open the Groups module and click on your Team
  • Click on the add button  next to your team picture
  • Select a contact
  • Select a team function 
  • Click Save

If you cannot add a player to a team, you probably don't have access. Contact your Club Administrator to get access.