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What happens if my free Trial comes to an end?

After your 14 days free Trial, you can decide whether you would like to purchase Twizzit. 

Log in to Twizzit as an Admin User, choose your modules and pick a plan. 


Do you need more time for your Trail version? Send a request.

Need more info about pricing & module choice? See our Billing FAQ

Will my data still be available when I switch from my free trial to a paying plan?

Yes! If you decided to purchase Twizzit for your club and you switched to a paying plan,  the information you've entered during your Trail will stay available.


What happens with my data if I don't purchase directly after my free Trial?

If you don't want to purchase direcly after your free trial expires, that's no problem at all!

Your account will be desactivated, but your data will not be deleted. If you decide to purchase later, you can log in and pick a plan. Your data will still be available for you.

After an inactive period of 90 days, your account will be deleted.