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About the media module

The media module allows you to upload all photos, videos and files you whish to share with other clubmembers. 

Organizing media files

In contrast with most classic file management systems, the media module does not use directories to order files. Instead, you can link tags to the file. to groups, companies, contacts, families and labels. 

  • Group-tag: links the file to the selected group.
  • Company tag: links the file to the selected company. 
  • Contact-tag: links the file to the selected contact
  • Family-tag: links the file to the selected family
  • Labels: links the file to a free text label. These labels are often used to replace directories

When opening the module you can quicly find the file you need by searching by one of the tags above.

Finding media files

Use the quick-filter at the top to find the files you are looking for. You can search by:

  • Tag (label, group, company, contact, family)
  • creator
  • album

Looking for your files only? Use the quick search to show files created by you ("mine"), or files shared with you. You can also filter by type (images/videos/files)

Advanced search

Can't find the file you are looking for? Open the "advanced search" to show more filter options and filter by creation date and file type. 

The advanced filter also shows an overview of all labels, and allows users with access to manage these labels. 

Tile/list view

Files can be shown in 2 views:

  • Tile view (default). Shows a preview of each file.
  • List view: shows a list of all files and allows you to manage multiple files at once.



Adding images, videos and files to the Media module

Given the correct access, users can add files as follows:

  1. Open the media module
  2. Click the "add" button at the top right
  3. Select the files you wish to upload by clicking the "choose some files" link or by dragging them into the highlighted rectangle
  4. Specify the privacy of the file(s):
    1. Protected: the file remains within twizzit, and will only be available for people with access to the file
    2. Public: the file will be visible to everyone (and might be published on the website)
  5. Share the file with other users, groups, families or companies. The selected companies 
  6. Tag the contacts that are shown in the file: Select the contacts, groups, families and companies that can be found in the media file (e.g. a contact is shown in a photo, a company that is mentioned in a video, or a group that is related to a certain file). The file will automatically become visible to the persons that have been tagged.
  7. Description: enter a description for the file(s)
  8. Group media files in album: Uploading multiple related files? You can group them in an album so they will be shown together. 
    1. Enter the name of the album
    2. specify the privacy of the album
    3. Sticky album: Sticky albums will always be shown on top of the screen. this feature allows you to draw the attention to important files. (only available for users with explicit access)
Where are my directories and what happened to the file structure?

The new media module no longer uses a classic directory structure to order files. Instead, it uses tags to order all files. All directories that used to exist in Twizzit, are now replaced by a label that is tagged to all files that used to belong to that directory.

Looking for the files of a certain directory?

  1. Open the media module
  2. Open the "advanced search" tab
  3. The "related labels" field shows an overview of all labels. Select one or more labels to filter the files that used to belong to a the selected directory.