Twizzit Help Center
Add a registration
  • Click on the add button
  • Select the item you want to register:
    • Training / game/ work shift / varia
  • Choose the date of the event you want to register
  • Enter the details and click Save
  • You get an overview of your registration

If you cannot register the event you are looking for, you probably don t have access . Please contact your Club Administrator.


Export your registrations

You can export your registrations to a csv file.


  • Open the registration module
  • Click the Export button in the registration tab
  • The search results will appear in a csv file
Edit a registration

Once a registration is made, the compensation fee can still be changed. This option is used when there is a one time change to the working hour or compensation.

  • Click on the registration line
  • Click the Edit button
  • Modify thecompensation
  • Click Save
You can only edit non approved an unpaid registrations.
Delete a registration

Click on the delete button  next to the registration.

You can only delete registration that are not yet approved!