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Billing FAQ

Answers to the most common questions about billing are here for your reference.
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Please visit our Pricing Page  to learn more about pricing options for your club

We deleted several contacts from our database. How does that affect our subscription?

Each day we will check the number of contacts in Twizzit. When we find that your number of contacts lower than the day before,  we will automatically post a pro-rated credit to your account.


Credits on your account will be used when we charge you again. And, of course, you will only be charged for the new price interval during the next billing cycle.

What happens with our club data if we drop a module?

We will not delete any of your data. If you choose to reactivate your module later on, you will be able to access your data again.

I am not the billing contact for our club.

Club Administrators can add extra Club admins in the Club Settings-> Customer tab who will automatically receive billing-related emails.