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As you all well know, most weekends our yacht BlueOne is engaged in activities scheduled long in advance. What about combining sunny weather with free time available in mid-week by several CNCE members? The idea is to constitute a group of “Last minute mid-week sailors” who do not have any professional obligations and are willing to profit from sunny spells in mid-week to go sailing on short notice one or more days on board BlueOne. Of course, this activity has to be skipper driven, i.e. whenever a skipper belonging to the group considers that favourable weather predictions guarantee pleasant sailing the next few days, he/she sends an invitation to the group. If sufficient number of crew to take the boat out respond and confirm their participation the sailing can take place. The normal PAF of €50 per person per day for weekday sailing shall apply.

You may declare your interest in this new activity by contacting us via this form: “Last minute mid-week sailing aboard BlueOne”.

Should you have any queries or require any further information about the activity do not hesitate to contact the CNCE secretariat.


Cruising is about exploring and (re-)discovering  the world from a different perspective. It involves learning about the marine environment, mastering the boat, living together, sharing and caring. It also involves relaxing and enjoying. Our Club  organises cruises in the North Sea, the UK, the Mediterranean, Brittany, the Channel Islands, Norway, the Baltic Sea, the Canary Islands, the Caribbean and beyond. You will sail on our yacht BlueOne (based in Colijnsplaat, NL) or on chartered boats. Cruises offer the opportunity to discover and explore coastal jewels of Europe and beyond, combining sailing, leisure, culture, culinary experiences and fun. In general, no particular level of experience is required for joining. The CNCE provides competent skippers that ensure the safety of the crew and boats.

In our calendar, you will find the activities planned for the current CNCE sailing season, including the cruising programme.


Zaria trip - Vigo to Lanzarote (2021)

 Zaria sailing - Cabo Verde (2019)

CNCE cruises video (2012)


Practical sailing training

Whether you are new to sailing or have sailed before, we are here to help you improve your skills. All our sailing activities will give you the opportunity to learn but you can also sign up for our dedicated sailing trainings on BlueOne, which will be announced in our calendar. For the more adventurous, we organise offshore sailing trips which require sailing experience and good physical condition.


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We also help you realise your sailing projects by giving you a hand with the organisation of your sailing projects (be it leisure sailing or more adventurous bluewater sailing). So keep in touch...

 ...and send us your suggestions for future CNCE sailing projects!

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