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Our dinghies are available for you every day of the week! 

Read more... the ideal starting point for aspiring sailors. As early as primary school age, youngsters can participate in dinghy training and competitions. As they grow up and develop their skills, they might decide to move on to bigger boats. However, there is no reason for adults NOT to sail dinghies. Dinghies are more sensitive and reactive than yachts and give easier and faster sensations and sometimes let you ...swim!


Dinghy sailing is recommended for building  experience and developing and sharpening your maritime sense. They are not only fun to sail, but they are a great way to improve your sailing expertise. Single- or multi-handed, dinghies help understand the basics of sailing: sail trimming, controlling (easing/tightening) the lines, understanding the effect of the centerboard and the rudder, using your body position (front-rear, side-to-side) to balance the hull, reading wind shifts and anticipating local weather conditions. Regular sailing on these light, but nevertheless safe boats can give adults a lot more confidence and understanding of boat handling.

Our dinghies...

Sailing demonstrations may be organized upon request!

The Laser is a universal family of one-design dinghies that has started the career of many sailors. The CNCE has two single-handed Lasers (one “standard” and one “performance” type), as well as one Laser 16 near Mechelen, 20 minutes north of Brussels. The two single-handed Lasers and the Laser 16 are available for CNCE members to sail upon advance paid reservation and in accordance with the rules and procedure laid down by the CNCE (see below How to book a CNCE dinghy). All three boats are kept onshore, to be launched into the water for sailing, and recovered to dry land once sailing has finished. Additionally, the two single-handed Lasers need to be rigged before launching and de-rigged and properly stowed after retrieving. In order to safely use the single-handed Laser boats, one must be a good swimmer and possess sailing skills equivalent to competent crew level. One should have ample sailing experience, since the sailor will be alone on the boat and needs to do everything by him/herself. The single-handed Laser is very light and has no fixed keel, therefore it capsizes quite easily. In the case of capsizing, one needs to be able to right the boat and get back into it, or, in the worst case, swim to the shore with the boat.



The Laser 16 is a bigger daysailer with more stability that can carry up to five total crew. It is therefore suitable even for complete beginners, under the supervision of a competent coach/skipper. Since she is quite heavy, we recommended that a total of 3 people are available to get her in and out of the water at ease. 


Reservation step by step

To reserve or sail a dinghy, you must have paid your membership fee for the current season. You need to have created your CNCE Twizzit account to be able to reserve a boat and make your payment online. The booking system is run on a first-come, first-served basis and in accordance with the CNCE rules.
Please create your Twizzit account and log on to it. If you already have one, log on to it.​​
​If you are booking for the first time, it may be easier to book using your desktop computer.
We are currently testing the online reservation and payment. Please be patient if things don't go smoothly yet! Thank you!
Please follow step 1 AND 2 if you want to book a dinghy. In step 1 you block your time slot so no one else can book the dinghy of your choice anymore. In step 2 you will be able to pay online and download the rules for the use of the CNCE dinghies. If you want to sail the Laser 16 as crew (and the booking/payment is made by another member), please follow step 2 only.

Step 1: book your time slot

  • In the Twizzit menu, go to Planning (if you are using the Twizzit app, first click on the agenda icon at the bottom of your home screen)
  • On the Planning page, click on the green dot with the plus sign (bottom right), then on Bookings.
  • On the next screen, select the date on which you want to sail.
  • In the line below the date, type in the Laser type of your choice ('standard', 'performance' or '16').
  • From the search results, select "Laser ... booking: morning" or "Laser ... booking: afternoon".
    If you want to reserve the dinghy for a full day, please reserve the morning first and make a second reservation for the afternoon.
  • You will then see the available time slots for your dinghy & date marked in green.
  • Click on the slot you want to reserve, then on Book now.
  • Check date and time and click on Save Booking.

Step 2: fill in the Dinghy booking form and pay online

  • In the Twizzit menu, go to Home.
  • Click on the tab Services at the top of the home page.
  • In the list of subscriptions forms, go to the Dinghy booking form and click on Subscribe.
  • Fill in the form.
  • Once you have downloaded the Dinghy rules, click on Continue, then on Pay online now and make your payment (no credit cards).
For Laser 16 bookings: once the Laser is booked and paid, also the remaining sailors must complete the Dinghy booking form (Step 2 only). No payment will be required.

Now all you need to do is read the  Dinghy rules  you just downloaded and ... sail!

If you have booked a morning sailing session, please make sure to have the dinghy ready at 2pm at the latest, for hand-over to the next sailor!



Video: CNCE tutorial - Rigging a Laser

(for white hull CNCE Laser; yellow hull Laser is slightly different)

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