How much is the membership?
Standard membership costs €60 and includes membership to the Belgian Sailing Federation FFYB (Fédération Francophone de Yachting Belge) and insurance for all CNCE activities (excluding regattas).

Can my partner join the club with reduced membership?
Reduced membership is €25. It applies to EU institution trainees, under 18's and family members of a full paying member.

How I can renew my subscription? 
Please complete the Membership renewal form. Processing of your application may take a couple of days.

Which payments methods are accepted?
Payment shall be made online by Bancontact (debit card) or Payconiq. We currently do not accept credit cards. Should you encounter any problems, please contact us.

I can’t make the online payment. What should I do?
Please note that online payments require Bancontact (debit card) or Payconiq. Unfortunately, we cannot accept credit cards. We recommend using the Twizzit mobile app for your bookings.
Should you encounter any payment issues when accessing Twizzit via a browser, please check whether your browser is blocking pop-ups, or try switching to another browser. Please 
contact us if the problem persists.

I cannot register online. What should I do?
Registrations via Twizzit are only possible once your membership is in order. Please verify whether you have paid your membership for the ongoing season (1 April to 31 March of each year). Please note that it may take a couple of days until your membership application or renewal has been processed by the CNCE Secretariat. In the case of new members, the activation of your membership will also depend on how quickly you return the signed membership form. In case of payments via our bank account (e.g. because you do not have a debit card), processing may also take a little longer.

Therefore, if you have completed the New member form or the Membership renewal form and would like to book an activity immediately, please be patient and try again after a day or two. Do no hesitate to contact us if booking is still not possible after a few days.

What is Twizzit?
The CNCE's uses the "Twizzit" IT platform to run the club's administration and communication. As a member, you can book and pay online via Twizzit, become a member, renew your membership, update your personal details and communicate with other club members using the Twizzit chat function. Please read this short introduction to our booking platform Twizzit to get started.

I am not a member. Can I register for an activity?
CNCE sailing and training activities are only open to members of the club. Please apply for membership if you want to participate in a CNCE activity for the first time, or renew your membership before booking. Some CNCE activities of a social and general nature are open to all.

I would like to sail with a friend/family member. How can I make sure that we can sail together?
Members who would like to sail together should book separately as if they were only booking for themselves (it is not possible to book for two people at a time). If you want to make sure beforehand that enough places are available, please contact us before signing up to the activity. Unfortunately, our small team of volunteers cannot reserve places due to the additional administrative work that this would imply.

Can I put an option for an activity?
We must have received your registration and payment for the booking to be final.


What activities does CNCE offer?
We offer a very wide range, from sailing small dinghies on a lake near to Brussels, to inland and coastal sailing on our yacht “Blue One”, to a variety of cruises in the Mediterranean, Atlantic Islands and Norway and participation in prestigious races such as the Antwerp Race, Barcolana and “Round the Island” race. Past activities have even included sailing in Antarctica.

What boats does CNCE have?
We have two single-handed Laser dinghies and one Laser 16 based near Mechelen and the sailing yacht Blue One (a Beneteau First 36.7) based at Colijnsplaat in the Netherlands. Other boats are chartered in different places as needed.

What extra costs are involved?
On cruises, a kitty system is used where costs such as food, diesel, marina fees etc. are shared equally. The skipper will organise this.
What level of sailing do I need?
No previous knowledge is necessary to start. Our Beginners' course is a good way to start. And then sail, sail and sail. For some more demanding activities skippers may ask for some level of previous experience according the activity in question.

What time does my sailing course start and finish?
You need to check with the skipper. But note that because of the tides, BlueOne may not be able to leave or return to the Colijnsplaat marina at low tide. The boat cannot enter or exit the marina later than one hour before low tide / earlier than one hour after low tide
At the end of your sailing trip, skipper and crew will clean the boat and get her ready for the next crew. This will take about 1 hour after arrival at the marina.

How can I reach Colijnsplaat marina?
The marina can be reached by car, usually with car pooling.

Can I sail with BlueOne only one day rather than a full weekend?
Usually, sailing on BlueOne is for a full weekend.

Can I cancel my registration for one activity?
Any change or cancellation must be made in writing and may generate costs of a variable amount payable by the subscriber. To find out more, please read about Booking and cancellation. In case, you will not be able to attend, please contact us without delay.

What do I need to bring?
On the water, it is always colder than on land. We recommend warm clothes including hat, scarf, sailing gloves and thermal underwear. It is better several thin layers rather than two thick layers. If you are just starting out sailing there is no need to spend huge amounts of money on expensive clothing. Even a cheap set of thermal long johns and vest will keep you warm. It is always advisable to have wet weather gear. For those considering doing a lot of sailing it would be worth thinking about purchasing a dedicated breathable layer system. This normally consists of a thermal base layer, a mid layer fleece with breathable wet weather gear as an outer layer. Don't forget a sleeping bag, sunglasses, sun cream, your wash kit and a towel. Soft holdalls only please. Life vests are available on board of BlueOne.

What footwear do I need to bring?
Sailing boots are advisable along with deck shoes or non-marking trainers.

Do I sleep on board?
Yes. Don't forget a sleeping bag.

Will I have to share a cabin?
It may be necessary for you to share a cabin. Couples and friends will normally share. If you are coming on your own, it is likely you will have to share a cabin but this would only be with someone of the same sex.

Are all meals provided?
For lunch all sailor have to bring what they need or arrange in advance with the skipper/crew.

Will I be able to plug in my electrical appliances such as my phone charger?
BlueOne has 12 volt sockets. You are more than welcome to use these sockets when you are in a marina and the boat is connected to shore power (no need for an adapter).

Beginners' course.
Once a year, the CNCE organises a sailing course for beginners (BC). Please visit
our dedicated webpage for more details. Beginners are welcome to join (most of) our sailing activities. Just let us know in the booking form that you are new to sailing.

How can I sail with the Laser in Hombeek?
The CNCE has two single-handed Lasers (one “standard” and one “performance” type), as well as one Laser 16 near Mechelen, 20 minutes north of Brussels. All Lasers are available for CNCE members to sail upon advance paid reservation and in accordance with the rules and procedure laid down by the CNCE (see CNCE dinghies - Reservation step by step).


Does the membership cover insurance?
CNCE members automatically become members of the Belgian Sailing Federation FFYB and are thus covered by a sports insurance provided under a contract between FFYB and ETHIAS. This is valid for all nautical activities (excluding competitions for which a specific insurance policy is required)

Do I need an insurance?
Your CNCE membership includes an insurance for all CNCE activities (with the exception of regattas).


Can I learn to be a skipper with CNCE?
CNCE offers a wide range of activities both to help you learn the theory of sailing and, very importantly, to develop your practical sailing experience at various levels. But CNCE is not a sailing school and cannot issue the necessary certificates for you to become a skipper. For that you have to look for a paid, commercial sailing course with a Belgian institution, in your own country, or organisations such as the Royal Yachting Association or Les Glénans which accredit many courses.

What training can CNCE offer?
Apart from the Beginners’ Course, we include training and experience-building as part of all our sailing activities. Some activities are focused on learning particular skills. Many activities are based on BlueOne (e.g. man overboard/ recovery practice; spinnaker; but others (e.g. small boat safety, first aid, diesel engine use and maintenance, passage planning, weather etc.), are held ashore in Brussels. Please check our website and your Twizzit account for details.